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High Rise Building Maintenance

Our Services

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High Rise Building Maintenance

  • Façade, ACP & Window Cleaning 

  • High rise Painting & Repainting, 

  • Resealing Works

  • Cracks Injection Works

  • Waterproofing Works

  • Glass Removal & Installation

  • Cladding Removal & Installation

  • LED light Cleaning & Installation

  • Granite Cleaning 

  • Granite Restorations

  • Glass Restorations/ Removal of Glass Scratches

  • Inspection & Survey

  • Anchor Bolts Installation and Testing

  • Lifeline Installation and commissioning

  • Solar Panels Cleaning Via IONIC System- Advanced Technology for Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Ladder System

  • Installation of Davit System for Rope Access

  • Installation of Railing System for Rope Access

High Rise Building Maintenance
Wind Turbine Repair / Maintenance

Wind Turbine Repair /

  • Wind Turbine Cleaning & Blade Repair

  • Met Mast Tower Dismantling & Installations

  • Instrument & Apparatus Installations

  • Commissioning & Decommissioning

  • Wind Turbine Inspections 

  • Wind Turbine repainting Works

  • Installation of Anchor Bolts for Wind Turbine

  • Installation of Life Line System for Wind Turbine

Off Shore & Onshore Maintenance

Off Shore & Onshore Maintenance

  1. (Visual Testing (VT)

  2. Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

  3. Radiography Testing (RT)

  4. Eddy Current (Electromagnetic)

  5. Testing (ET)

  6. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) 

  7. Acoustic Emission Testing (AE)

  8. Liquid Penetrant testing (PT) 

  9. Leak Testing (LT)

  10. Sand Blasting & Repainting Works

  11. Inspection & Survey Works

  12. Lifting 

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Training Services

  • Rope Rescue Course

  • Working at Height for Tower Climber

  • Working at Height Rescuer

  • Working at Height for Workers


On this course, trainees will be learning different type of knot tying, techniques in descending and ascending, rope transfer, rigging and proper rescue.


Satellite Tower Repair / Maintenance

  • Civil Works for Cell Site Towers

  • Tower Erection & Dismantling 

  • Fiber Optic Cable Splicing, Placement, Terminations & Testing

  • Installation of microwaves

  • Cell Site Towers Commissioning

  • Cell Site Towers Bold Tightening

  • Cell Site Towers Repainting Works


Gondola Services

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Operatorships

  • Permitting systems

  • Gondola Rental Services

  • Gondola Installations

  • Installation of Davit System for Gondola

Gondola Services

Life-line & Anchor bolts

An anchor point is an integral part of a fall protection system, and also a vital piece of equipment for anyone that works on roofs or other elevated surfaces. Anchor points are typically installed on a roof and connects lanyards and lifelines to a worker wearing a body harness.

Life-line & Anchor bolts
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