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Sit harness for work positioning
• anatomic waist belt and leg loops
padding perfectly fits to man anatomy
• textile attachment point for work in
hanging position, rappelling according to
EN 813.
• textile positioning points according to EN
358 are placed symmetrically, tested for
15 kN strength.
• 2 braided gear loops with a bearing
capacity of 10 kg provide enough space
for 10 pieces of HMS carabiners
• additional loops with a bearing capacity
of 5 kg offer additional space for the gear
and better gear orientation
• slots designed for a secure hanging of
expensive equipment (such as power
saw, drilling machine,..)
• identification and methodical label. To
prolong its lifetime is advised to hide this
label under the webbing.
Size: S, M/L, XL
Weight: M/L 850 g (±15g) • 30 oz
Max. rated load: 150 kg
XCE 1019 • EN 358 • EN 813


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